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Smart investors are using wholesale property deals to prosper during the down market

While many St. Louis investors continue to recklessly bid on foreclosures and hope for the best despite high competition and over the top purchase prices, seasoned veterans are finding new profit opportunities in wholesale properties to keep the cash flowing during the down real estate market. If you are hoping to do the same or at least learn a little more about wholesale properties, this website is a great place to start.

What are wholesale property deals? Wholesale deals are when investors sell property to other St. Louis investors for much less than what the full market value of a property once all the repairs and renovations are completed,. And even though you don't hear much about them, they actually happen quite frequently. They are just not advertised much outside of investor's inner circles, so the workings of wholesale deals are not well known. But, the scarcity and mystique is part of what makes them such good investments.

There's money to be made in wholesale properties. Because you are picking up the property at a significant discount you can either decide to sit on it for a little while and rent it out, or if you want you could turn right around and sell it on the open market. Either would be a good choice depending on your situation.

Finding wholesale properties in Greater St. Louis used to be near impossible. It used to be exclusively a game of who you know if you had any hopes of picking up a deal like this. But now, the hottest ticket in town as far as finding wholesale property is our website,

Our goal is to make finding, investigating, and buying St. Louis and Metro-East wholesale property as easy as can be. We think we've accomplished that, and our members back us up on this claim. The features that keep our members in deal making mode include full property and neighborhood data, repair estimates, seller contact information, and pictures of the property. All in a convenient listing format. We think you'll find the site just as valuable.

By clicking the button below, you'll get free access to and all of the St. Louis wholesale property deals inside. You will see the newest deals available for sale from investors just like yourself. Some of our members were even lucky enough to find deals they were able to purchase and resell for big profits. Maybe you will, too.

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