Find Cheap Rental Properties for your St. Louis investing portfolio

Buying income properties for far below market value is the key to growing wealth

Everyone knows that rental properties are the key to growing rich slowly and now's the time for investors to focus on long term growth of their portfolios. A great way to do that is to find, buy and hold some great St. Louis rental properties.

Rentals are a hot commodity right now because many St. Louis residents can no longer afford the high payments that some mortgages entail. So to keep their living expenses down they decide to rent, which isn't a bad idea for them. Because of this trend, demand is high right now for nice rental properties in nice areas of Greater St. Louis and Metro-East.

One reason why St. Louis rental property investments are so good for your portfolio is because you are building wealth while someone is paying the mortgage. Well… They are paying you, and you are paying the mortgage, but you see the point. This works in your favor in a huge way because you are getting wealthy and you really don't have to do much to make it happen.

Because properties appreciate over time and over the long term, the longer you hold the rental property the more value it will add to your portfolio. This appreciation is something that "buy-and-flip" investors never get to experience. In many cases they are being short-sighted by not allowing the power of appreciation to work in their favor.

Some might argue against rental properties and say that they are nothing but a hassle and that you have to deal with tenants. This might be true in some cases, but if you do the work of screening properly up front you most likely won't have any problems.

You can hedge against any missteps in St. Louis rental property investing by purchasing the property at a ridiculously low price to begin with. Just think, if you bought for tens of thousands below the market value, you could probably handle a late rental payment here, or a tenant that skips out on you there, every once in a while.

Wholesale properties and pre-foreclosures are a great way to pick up properties at a huge discount. With both types of property the owners are itching to sell, leaving you in the power negotiating position. The only problem with these types of deals is that they are typically hard to find.

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