Real Estate Investment Clubs of St. Louis

Finding the right real estate investing club for you can boost your business

There are many reasons why investors of all skill levels and experience should consider joining a St. Louis real estate investment club. The world of real estate investing is no different than that of other businesses. Your success or failure often boils down to two things: knowledge and connections. Without these you might as well be dead in the water.

There are several clubs in the Greater St. Louis area to choose from, including the Mid-America Association of Real Estate Investors, NetWorth KC, The Wealth Improvement Network and the St Louis Real Estate Investor's Association. You should try to choose a club with members who are more experienced than you. This will increase that likelihood that you are learning from others that have already experienced what you are trying to accomplish now. It will also improve your chances of meeting investors who always have deals in the works. But just because you might not be as skilled as some of them doesn't mean you shouldn't contribute to the discussions. It is the duty of all members to contribute and share techniques and tips they've learned along the way.

But you will definitely learn a lot by being exposed to so many other investors. Books, courses, and seminars about real estate investing are indispensable training tools, but nothing can replace a solid network of other investors who are in the trenches everyday, just like you are.

Another advantage of real estate investment clubs in the St. Louis and Metro-East area are the possible connections you will gain through networking with other members. If you play your cards right and add value to these connections as well, you may very well soon find that you are being called upon to participate in deals you otherwise might not have known about.

An example of this would be wholesale properties that other investors are selling. These are usually not advertised in the newspaper or in the MLS. Instead, investors rely on their connections with their peers to make a sale happen quickly. Just think how that would help your business, even if you got just a few of these opportunities every year.

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