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Over priced investment means lower profits for most but an opportunity for you

If you're feeling beat down by the stiff competition of other investors in this Greater St. Louis real estate investment property market, you've come to the right place.

The most popular way to make money through real estate investing the past couple of years has been the fix and flip philosophy. You buy a foreclosed property, fix it up and put it right back on the market. This has been the quickest way to make money investing in St Louis investment properties. But as you'll read below, that's starting to change.

Another way to make money through real estate investing is to buy and hold income properties, when you find a worthy tenant and let them pay your mortgage. All the while equity is building in the home.

The toughest part about the investment property market in Greater St. Louis and Metro East is the competition from other investors. Even with the influx of deals on the market, the pool of potential foreclosed properties could never be big enough because of the sheer number of investors trying to make a living at it.

Thankfully, there are alternatives to the St. Louis investment properties most investors are beating each other up for. In fact, you can find them on our website but not too many other places. So all the other investors in the area aren't chasing after the listings you do see. So you have the opportunity to scope them out first.

Our website is the best source for finding wholesale properties. These are St. Louis investments that other investors are selling. Because they want to sell quickly, they are asking far below full market value. Their goal is not to make money but to free up cash quickly.

Desperate homeowners facing foreclosure have limited options. One of those options is to find a real estate investor that is willing to buy their property for the outstanding mortgage amount. This allows the homeowner to be free of that burden and move on with their lives without a scar on their credit history. You'll find the most recent pre-foreclosure listings in Greater St. Louis on our website. gives you all the tools you need to make a smart investment decision. In addition to giving you the asking price, the potential full market value, and property tax information, we also tell you the estimated cost of repairs, neighborhood information, and how to get in touch with the seller. No other listing site provides this level of information.

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