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If you are looking for wholesale properties in the Pittsburgh area you'll be glad you found MyHouseDeals.com. Our site is perfect for those investors who are tired of the high competition and shrinking profits of foreclosure investing. Wholesale property deals present the perfect alternative to those other kinds of investments that used to bring big profits but now are just major headaches.

Wholesale properties are those that are owned by other investors who need or want to sell them quickly for well below their potential full market value. This kind of transaction happens all the time and for different reasons. Sometimes the investor has found another property that they prefer over this one and they either need the cash to make the next purchase or they could just be trying to free up some time. As you know, rehabbing a property can be very time consuming, and sometimes we all overextend ourselves.

Because they are not advertised or promoted as aggressively as other investments, Pittsburgh wholesale deals have a lot less competition than some of the more common investments. This certainly doesn't mean they're not as good. In many respects they're even better. It's just a matter of not as many people knowing about them. Investors usually rely on their network of other investors to put these deals together.

But now Pittsburgh wholesale property investors are getting a little technological boost with the availability of MyHouseDeals.com. No longer do you have to go directly to other investors you know to find wholesale properties. Our website has the most updated listings of wholesale property deals in the Greater Pittsburgh area. There's not a faster or easier way to find these types of deals than on our website.

For your convenience we list all property information you would possibly need to complete your purchase. From the list price, to the property tax assessment, neighborhood information and photos of the surrounding area, to an estimate of repair costs necessary to rehab the home back in to tip top shape for resale. Also, since it is likely that the particular investor selling the home is not in your contact network, we actually give you their contact information.

Trying MyHouseDeals.com for yourself could not be any easier. You'll quickly see why Pittsburgh investors turn to our site for the newest wholesale property listings, and how easy it is for you to find the best deals around. Become a member for free today by clicking the button below! See you there.

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