Finding a Pittsburgh Real Estate Investment Club

Learning from other investors increases your chance of success

Lots of investors think that joining a Pittsburgh real estate investment club will not be worth their time, which could be better spent chasing deals. Nothing could be further from the truth. The knowledge and connections you would surely gain from your real estate investing club network far outweigh the time that it will take for you to be involved with the club on a regular basis.

The number of real estate investment clubs in Greater Pittsburgh can be overwhelming. Among the many options available to investors are the Diversified Real Estate Investor Group (or DIG), the Western Pennsylvania Real Estate Investors Association, and the Landords & Investors Mastermind Group (LIMG).

Choosing the right club for you can be hard. Just take it one step at a time. First thing to do is to define your goals. Is there a particular type of real estate investment you'd like to learn more about? Or are there certain investors you know you could benefit from just by having them on your speed dial? Answers to questions like these will help you find the club that's right for you.

There's no doubt that your knowledge of real estate investing will improve immensely if you are active and engaged in the club. It is common practice that active members share their experiences openly, which is a great learning tool for other investors. To maximize your benefits, you should also be forthcoming about your own experiences and seek out advice from other members.

While learning more about the business is certainly an objective, it might not be the biggest one. The biggest benefit you could hope to get out of joining a Pittsburgh real estate investment club is to build a strong network of other investors who can help you out when you need advice or possibly even a buyer for a quick sale.

You'd be surprised by how many more deals and profit opportunities you could get if you just had more relationships and connections with other area investors. Joining a real estate investment club of Greater Pittsburgh can help you build those bonds.

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