Discovering New Sources for Pittsburgh Investment Property

High competition leads some investors to give up while others seek out new opportunities

The Pittsburgh investment property landscape is ever changing. The methods and philosophies that once lead to big profits and easy paydays are no longer working as well as they used to.

Most real estate investment gurus glamorize the fix it and sell it mentality of property investing. There's certainly a lot of this going on in the Greater Pittsburgh area, and you might have made some profits like this in the past. You're probably finding this much harder these days.

The most traditional, long term way to build wealth through real estate investing is to buy homes to rent them out. Assuming you find a quality tenant and hold onto the home for several years to come, you can enjoy growing wealth. It might be a little slower than the fix and flip philosophy but this method has been proven to work over the long haul.

The main obstacle standing in the way of Pittsburgh investors making money in today's market is other investors. The competition is just so fierce that no matter how many foreclosure properties hit the market every day, there are tens or even hundreds of investors scoping them out. And often times this leads to prices for these properties going through the roof.

Fortunately there are alternatives to foreclosures and other Pittsburgh investment properties for sale that have too much competition. These alternatives, which you can find on our site, come to you in the form of wholesale properties and pre-foreclosures.

Other Pittsburgh investors sometimes need to sell homes fast. This can be for several reasons but usually it's to raise some cash for another investment they've found and can't pass up. Instead of listing the home in the MLS or placing ads in the paper, these investors turn to other investors looking for a good deal to make a sale happen quickly. Because you would not normally be paying anywhere near full market value in this case, you could potentially resell it for full market value.

Pre-foreclosures or seller motivated properties are deals where you can essentially buy a property for the amount owed to the bank. If the owner has built up even a little bit of equity, this could be a great deal for you. Or, if you decide to rent it out, you can bank on the future appreciation the home will likely experience. makes it easy to find wholesale properties and pre-foreclosures that fit your investment criteria. We list the price, the amount of necessary repairs, the estimated full market value, and the seller's contact information.

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