Pittsburgh HUD Homes Going Out of Style

Explore new ways to avoid the HUD foreclosure rat race

The Greater Pittsburgh real estate investing community is going through some drastic and, depending on your point of view, disturbing changes. Prices on once popular and profitable Pittsburgh area HUD listings are being driven up by tense competition.

This was inevitable as so many people learned about the profits investors were making buying and selling Pittsburgh HUD properties. People who have no business investing in real estate are now flooding the market and destroying the profits seasoned investors once were making.

With that in mind, it's no wonder smart buyers have abandoned HUD homes altogether and started to explore different ways to profit. And hopefully you will, too. Your first step is to learn a little bit about wholesale properties and pre-foreclosures.

Wholesale property investments are homes where an investor has bought the home at a great price from the previous owner, and if they had the time, they could fix it up and resell the home for a huge profit. But sometimes investors get so much on our plates that we simply can't finish every deal or transaction the way we'd like. You probably know the feeling.

Sometimes it's best to just cash out if another investor is willing to pick up where you leave off. You could be the lucky investor that regularly has these types of hand me down deals land right in their lap. If you can find them, wholesale properties offer a great opportunity.

Similarly, pre-foreclosures are another good alternative to the high priced HUD properties in Greater Pittsburgh. Homeowners that are several payments behind on their mortgage and wanting to avoid foreclosure look to investors like you to purchase their homes for the outstanding mortgage amount. You can imagine that many of these homes will have lots of equity in them.

Wholesale properties and pre-foreclosures are not usually listed in the Pittsburgh newspaper or MLS. But this is a good thing because you will have much less competition once you learn where to find them. At MyHousedeals.com we update our list of pre-foreclosures and wholesale properties daily. You will know about the most profitable deals before the competition. Our listings give you all the details you need to make a transaction happen. From financials, to neighborhood information, to the sellers contact details, it's all there for you.

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