Are You Looking to Make a Big Profit on an Investment Property in Philadelphia?

Philadelphia is a booming, hustling, fast paced city whose growth seems to be occurring faster than there are houses built to support it. Real estate investors stand to benefit a great deal from this growth if they know where to look. Our people have devoted themselves to helping all investors, regardless of experience, make a great profit from the real estate market in Philadelphia.

The first thing we do is help investors decide what type of investment property they wish to purchase. This can be a very complicated process. There are many ins and outs associated with the purchase of an investment property, and it is important to choose the type that best suits the investor. Many are looking to make a profit from residential real estate, which is an excellent choice for short term gain. Others choose to buy houses in various stages of dilapidation, rehabilitate them and place them back on the market for resale. Working with a good contractor, this can result in an excellent turnover, potentially moving a house every six to eight weeks. A number of these properties can be purchased at extremely low prices, as many people are not willing to take the time and effort into getting them back into shape, which is good for those that do.

An alternate choice for a residential investment is to buy the house and turn it into a multi-family home which can then be rented out for a constant, long-term revenue stream. This allows the investor to remain in control of the property and receive continuing rewards rather than a one time return. Owning and managing a rental property can be a tricky undertaking, however, as the investor is responsible for all maintenance and may not immediately see the return on the repairs that were necessary to make the property livable. Luckily, any repairs can be claimed on your annual tax return, and should replacements instead of repairs be necessary, the cost of these is factored into the property's resale value and will benefit the owner if the home is resold. These different types of ventures make it necessary for the investor to determine whether they wish for the property to be a long term or a short term investment before making a purchase "as is".

After we have helped educate our investors on which type of property to be hunting for, we then grant them the tools to get the best bargain possible. Foreclosure and HUD deals are available anywhere to any who wish to look for them, and therefore are over shopped and thus over valued. This is why we choose not to deal in HUD or foreclosure properties. Instead, we introduce our investors to wholesale properties and motivated seller leads. These are all privately listed properties available at much lower prices than can be found when purchasing from a bank, and as they are private listings many of these properties cannot be found in any other location. That means that there is very little competition to drive the purchase price up. Through these listings our investors are guaranteed first opportunity to find the best deals in Philadelphia.

To view these deals, simple become a free member of As a member of, we'll keep you updated about new properties in your area daily, and each new house added to the list comes with full descriptions, value and repair estimates, and full contact information for the seller. That's right. We do all of the leg work for you, so all you have to do is focus on establishing and expanding your business. Become a member for free today by clicking the button below!

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