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These days there is no shortage of investment property in the state of Oklahoma that you could buy and either resell or rent out. The only problem is that most of them won't make you much money unless you are extremely lucky. In order to profit you have to look for properties that other investors are ignoring or don't know much about.

A few years ago, the fastest way to make money was to buy Oklahoma real estate investment property to flip. This did not take much expertise as the market was going crazy for anything with a for sale sign. Once this trend slowed some investors turned to rental properties.

Income properties though are not without their troubles. Sure, if you find the right tenant and are lucky enough to have them pay each month on time for several years you can earn money through appreciation. If you can stomach the possibility of bad tenants, rental property is a good investment.

The problem lately no matter how you prefer to invest is the amount of competition. Let's face it, no matter whether you plan to flip or rent a property if you don't get a good deal when you buy it, you're dead in the water. And because so many Oklahoma City and Tulsa investors are competing for the same properties this scenario is all too common today.

Smart investors are seeking out alternatives and finding them in wholesale properties and pre-foreclosures. Because far fewer investors know about these types of property you tend to get a better deal most of the time. You can find both of these types of Oklahoma investment property on and we update our listings every day.

Pre-foreclosures are homes that the owners are desperate to sell. They need to get out fast to avoid foreclosure. Because you will usually be able to buy these homes for the mortgage payoff amount, you can hope to profit if equity has built up since they've been in the home.

Other investors too sometimes need to sell fast. Usually not due to foreclosure but because they need the cash or want to free up some time to pursue other opportunities. Because they realize that the quicker they want to sell the better, they need to price the property, these are great opportunities to find a good deal. gives you all the information you need about the most current pre-foreclosure and wholesale property listings. You'll find pricing, area information, financials, even seller contact information so you can get right in touch with them.

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