Forget about Oklahoma City HUD Properties

Higher prices and tough competition leading investors to test new waters

HUD homes have been very popular among Oklahoma City and Tulsa investors but that is changing. Because there are so many people competing for the same pool of HUD listings prices are spiraling out of control. It's a wonder anyone makes money from these types of deals anymore, as most do not.

Not to fear though, there are better choices on the horizon for investors like you. Go ahead and get HUD foreclosures out of your head and start thinking about pre-foreclosures and wholesale property deals. These are the new wave of real estate profits, but are still virtual unknowns among many investors.

A pre-foreclosure is a house for sale by a homeowner who is on their way to foreclosure and is reaching out to an investor like you to purchase their home, usually for the amount that they owe the bank. Assuming they have a decent amount of equity in the home, this can be a good deal for you. In turn, the homeowner avoids the mark on their credit that a foreclosure would otherwise cause.

Wholesale properties work a little differently. These types of properties are actually owned by other Oklahoma City and Tulsa investors who are looking to unload some property for whatever reason. Sometimes it's to free up some cash, and sometimes they just don't have the time to fix up and resell the home on the regular market. Essentially they forgo the potential profit they could have made had they sold the house at full market value.

Both of these provide good alternatives to HUD listings in today's competitive market. The only question left to answer is where can you find a good selection of these wholesale and seller motivated properties? Well you won't typically find them in the local paper or the MLS.

You can however find them on our website. We built understanding the need for distressed homeowners and overloaded investors to sell their properties quickly. When you join our site, you'll see these available deals that the general public simply does not have access to.

But we don't stop at just giving you the street address. We pull together all the data you would normally use to make an investment decision. The asking price, how much the potential profit at full market value is, even what you are looking at for repairs if any are needed.

You know how dodgy some homeowners can be, but we've included contact information for each homeowner right in the listing. There's even information about similar homes in the neighborhood and what they're going for. You can't miss.

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