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Buying properties for cheap is the key to long term wealth

Rental properties have been the tried and true staple of every real estate investor's financial freedom. Almost every investor gets their start in the business by buying a home, fixing it up, and renting it out. Eventually you learn to fix and flip and make money the quicker way, but over time those rental properties may earn you the most wealth.

Indianapolis rental properties are in high demand right now. More people are choosing to rent as opposed to buying homes these days because of the volatility in the housing market. Many hope to find a nice rental and wait it out. Plus many of them would no longer qualify for the type of loan they wanted because of tighter lending standards.

This can only benefit you if you happen to own rental properties in the Metropolitan Indianapolis Area. Owning a home long-term while someone else is footing the bill by paying your mortgage is the best thing you could hope for. It may not put a huge amount of cash in your pocket right now but down the road you'll be glad you built up that equity.

The appreciation is where it's at with rental properties. Sure, it may not be worth much more in two years than it is right now, but try five or ten. You just have to be willing to sit on the property for long enough for appreciation to take effect.

Some would argue against buying Indianapolis rental property investments because dealing with tenants can sometimes be difficult. While this is true in isolated cases, you have to keep in mind that all you hear about are the horror stories because they are good for entertainment and gossip. For every one problem tenant there are nine others gladly paying their landlord's mortgage.

The secret these days to investing in rental property is to buy them cheap. I don't mean foreclosure auction cheap. Those homes are actually overpriced for what you should be looking for. The best bargains these days are in wholesale properties and pre-foreclosures. That's because there is not all the competition from other investors that regular bank foreclosure auctions experience. is your source for wholesale properties and pre-foreclosures that you could buy and turn into great Indianapolis rental properties. These are the types of deals that real wealth is built on. We make it completely easy for you to find the best rental property investment by giving you all the pricing, information on needed repairs, neighborhood information, and owner's contact information.

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