Indianapolis Investment Property Investors Face Daunting Competition

Knowing where to look for the less shopped deals is key to profit

You've found the best source for Indianapolis investment properties on the Internet. gives investors like you the leads and listing information you need to create huge profits investing in Indianapolis area properties.

One way to create wealth through real estate investing is to buy homes to rent them out. These are called income property investments. They can provide a steady income, and in the ideal situation, you've got a steady tenant who pays on time and doesn't mind that they're paying your mortgage.

The other way is to buy Indianapolis investment property to fix and flip. This is when you purchase a property, fix it up, and immediately place it back on the market for sale hoping that your repairs and improvements increase the value significantly enough that you make a profit. There is the potential to make quick money if you play your cards right, but you give up any long term profits you could have made due to appreciation.

The problem with most types of investment properties in the Metropolitan Indianapolis area is that so many other investors are going after the same properties and profits. If you hope to have a sustainable advantage you have to fish where there are no other fishermen.

Fortunately for you the properties on our website are not over shopped by other investors because, quite frankly, not a lot of them know where to find them. Wholesale properties and pre-foreclosures are currently flying under the radar of typical investors, and the smart ones aren't telling anyone about these properties.

Pre-foreclosures are those that are not on the Indianapolis foreclosure list yet, but will be soon if the owner doesn't act fast. You can usually purchase these homes for the outstanding mortgage amount or close to it. Assuming they've lived there a while and have some equity, you can make out pretty good.

Wholesale properties on the other hand are sold by other investors. Either they need some cash freed up to buy another property or just don't have the time to deal with the repairs. No matter the reason, if you can find these types of opportunities you can make very good money. has the most up-to-date listings of wholesale properties and pre-foreclosure deals. We also give Indianapolis investors the information they need, like financials, property tax information, neighborhood data, and more to make a good investment.

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