Indianapolis Investors reconsider HUD Properties

Competition and shrinking profits leads to the exploration of new profit centers

Indianapolis HUD homes have had a good run. Buying HUD properties has long been one of the preferred types of investment property.

But these days there is just too much competition in the Metropolitan Indianapolis area for HUD listings. If you've been watching HUD home prices you've seen them rise to the point where you'd have to be a complete rookie to consider making an offer on most of them. There is just not enough profit available in most of these deals to swing a profit.

It can be frustrating to face this reality, but smart investors have found the perfect opportunities in today's tough economy. These are wholesale properties and seller motivated properties. I'm hoping you haven't heard too much about wholesale properties or pre-foreclosures. The fact that so little is known about them and how to find them is why they are so valuable.

Sometimes when you find a great deal and do not want to pass it up, you go ahead and buy it and decide after the fact that you don't have the time or maybe the money to nurse the home back to full value. It would be great if in this case you could find another investor to take it off your hands. Well this is exactly the scenario with wholesale properties.

Other investors, just like you, are trying to unload properties in their portfolio that could be a great deal for you if you have the time and money to fix up the home and sell for full value.

Another bright spot in the Indianapolis investment world is pre-foreclosures. You only need to turn on the news or open a newspaper to see tons of people losing their jobs, their income, and eventually their homes. With homes where the seller is very motivated, you can get a great deal while helping the homeowner to avoid the gut wrenching process of a foreclosure.

The only problem I see with seller motivated and wholesale properties is that unlike HUD homes, they are very hard to find. I mean, Mr. Homeowner who is months behind on his mortgage probably isn't very excited for his friends and neighbors to know about the mess he's in. Meaning these types of homes may not even be advertised except in rare places like our site.

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