Houston Area HUD Homes Lose Their Luster

How many times have you spent hours searching the newspaper or the MLS for the right deal? You go through listing after listing searching for a house, only to discover that it is already off the market – sold or pending sale. The truth is that these listings are not always up to date. And worse, they are filled with overexposed properties, which means too many offers and little room to negotiate. And on top of that, keeping up with these listings takes much of the time you could be using to network and negotiate deals.

Many of the properties that you’ll find in the newspapers or MLS are HUD homes. While such properties once were the best way to turn a profit in real estate, they have had their profit potential diminished by the heavy competition by other investors. As the number of Houston investors grow, these listings are visited by too many investors and become flooded with offers. The HUD market has become so over competitive that the primary people benefiting from it are hard money lenders, not property investors.

If you are used to looking through a Houston HUD home listing, you may have asked yourself why some of these homes are so expensive; these are HUD repos after all, and you’d think that they would be inexpensive. But the main reason behind this is simply the number of investors searching for and bidding on these properties. Of course, there is still money to be made in repossessed homes; however, the time you will need to find the one good HUD deal may cost you many others.

The savvy investor knows where to find properties that are not visible to everyone. Finding more exclusive deals is an important part of securing big profits – the less people know about a property, the more leverage you have to negotiate. For this reason, we are committed to bringing you exclusive properties that you will not find listed as HUDs, nor as MLS sales. We work to find you unlisted deals with big equity margins so that our listing is superior to HUD lists.

When you have access to our properties as a member, we will provide you not only with the location of these properties, but also with all the specifics you need before considering the deal, such as the asking price, the cost of repairs, the future or market value of the property, and the estimated equity/spread, which is your profit potential. You will also have access to investors’ contact information and feedback, which you can use to screen sellers and buyers and build a network.

Texas is a great place to buy real estate, and Houston offers many profitable opportunities. It is only natural that more and more people become interested in investing in real estate every day. The problem is that they are all looking for properties in the public listings such as the MLS and other local newspapers.

How about getting ahead of the competition by gaining access to a database of unlisted properties – all non-HUD, not MLS admitted – that will optimize your time and increase your profit potential? Every month we guarantee you at least 15 new properties with at least $15,000 in equity each. On a typical month, you’ll receive information on over 150 properties. Who ever thought you could have access to this many new deals in Houston every month?

Before you buy from your Houston HUD homes listings, take the time to check our properties. It costs nothing to try our service, and there is no obligation. When you find the deal you’ve been looking for all along, go get it. You can thank us later. Become a member for free today by clicking the button below!

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