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HUD and foreclosure prices have gone out of hand. They have increased exponentially over the last 6 years, which has made many investors dissatisfied with the market, and many pundits forecast a crash. This change in the business represents a golden opportunity for savvy investors. Now is the time to discover new and exciting ways to invest and take full advantage of the opportunities the market is now offering.

Real estate investing is not a conventional, by-the-book business. Investors need to be creative and learn new ways to make money. You should not be bored with investing. If you are, you need to be thinking of a different way to do business or a different avenue of investment. The more settled you get with your way of investing, the less attention you are paying to new trends and novel ways to cash in.

Here’s a good measure of your motivation on REI: Do you enjoy reading the newspaper classifieds everyday, making endless phone calls without much response? Do like going over foreclosure and HUD lists for your city every month hoping to find at least one decent deal? How about attending HUD auctions and placing bids that you know deep down won’t be accepted? If you are tired of doing any or all of these things, you should be looking for better ways to invest your time and your money.

HUDs may seem tempting to beginning investors. They are relatively easy deals and pretty accessible. Depending on how much dedication you put into them, they can yield a pretty good profit. However, the average qualifying bid has become higher and the number of investors aware of these properties is too big, which is one of the main factors driving prices up and the market down.

Why be a slave to HUD homes and auctions when you can have access these properties before becoming HUD, before they go public? Negotiating with owners is, after all, much easier than attending auctions and having to outbid hundreds of investors. Because you are not dealing with banks and HUD, you have more room for negotiation and creative options, which brings your profit potential way up!

For this reason was created. We are a website specialized in listing exclusive – that’s right, exclusive – wholesale deals and motivated seller leads.

At we offer you two lists of investment properties. If you are a HUD-happy investor, the first list should be your favorite one. On it, you will find for sale by owner homes. The owners are motivated to sell quickly and under market, so we call this our Motivated Seller Leads list. Most of these sellers are trying to avoid foreclosure or bankruptcy, are facing divorce or unemployment, and are desperate to sell. They come to us in an attempt to sell quickly, hoping that one of our investors will make an offer they can’t refuse, before listing their property on the MLS.

Knowing about these deals before they are made public will certainly increase your chance of success. The second list you’ll have access to as a member is of wholesale deals. These are properties for sale by other investors who sell cheap to make a quick profit. They sell you the property with most of the equity left untouched, so you can profit big after rehabbing and reselling it.

We’ll find you more than 80 new Chicagoland deals every month, and most of them are made available to our members only. We are most proud of how convenient it is for you to access these properties. We will have them delivered to your computer screen everyday, with all pertinent details only one click away.

We truly believe that you should be spending your valuable time concentrating on other aspects of investing – those that really require your know-how – instead of searching for properties day and night, and that’s why we want to do that job for you. We will even send you emails letting you know about all the new properties for that day. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

We hope you start taking advantages of our better than HUD properties today. To do so, simply enter your name and email address in the box above and we will open the portal to you and give you an idea of what the best Chicago wholesale deals and motivated seller leads have to offer.

We encourage you to be creative with your investing, and if to you that means sticking with Chicago HUD homes, so be it. Our goal is simply to open your eyes to all of the opportunities that are there waiting for you. Don’t limit yourself; you’ll only be hurting your business.

To get started and have access to bona fide deals and increase your portfolio exponentially, please click the button below.


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