Wholesale Properties in Dallas

Because of your interest in Real Estate, it is quite likely that you have considered investing in a property in the past. You’ve probably heard of all kinds of wholesale deals in your life, meaning you are required to buy in bulk. What you may not have heard about is wholesale properties for sale. Wholesaling in real estate is a little different. Here’s how it works:

Wholesaling occurs when property investors find properties at large discounts and put them under contract to buy from a motivated seller. They put earnest money down as a security to guarantee their intentions. At this point, the only money that has changed hands is the earnest money that has been placed on the property. The original investors then seek other investors, like you, who are interested in purchasing these properties from the original sellers at a slightly higher price, but still at a huge discount.

Dallas wholesalers are willing to sell to you at a discount rather than waiting around for higher profit because they simply do not have the time or energy to invest in rehabbing the property for future sale at retail value.

This is where you come in and where you can see the true value of our service. Our list is made up of wholesale properties. This means big savings to you, and even though it is called wholesale, you do not have to purchase multiple properties in order to benefit from these wonderful prices.

Here's how our website works: Investors advertise Dallas wholesale properties they have under contract; potential investors like you see the properties on the list and contact the sellers to place offers on the ones they are interested in (which are still owned by the original owner and under contract with the initial investor).

Our list is perfect for investors who have an interest in wholesale properties in Dallas. Buy properties wholesale and see how much money you can save over traditional real estate transactions. Not only does our list have several new Dallas wholesale properties for sale each month, we also guarantee that each deal will have at least $15,000 in equity or spread. We also guarantee at least 15 new deals each month. And there are actually over 100 (not just 15) deals posted each month. This gives you at plenty of opportunities each month to find an investment property at a big discount.

Our list is the essential list for Dallas wholesale purchases. Real estate properties for investors can be found in many shapes and at all prices, but our wholesale properties offer a much better deal than your average foreclosure or distressed property.

Almost all of the wholesale properties we offer are listed exclusively on our website. As a subscriber, this gives you an advantage over other investors who a looking for properties on the Sunday paper and MLS listings. Such listings may have a significant number of homes at favorable prices, but they are also accessed by thousands of other property investors in the Dallas area competing for them.

Competition drives the prices in the real estate industry and the more competition there is for a limited number of properties, the higher the prices on those properties are going to rise. This translates into less profit for you and a lot of wasted time inspecting and bidding on properties that have already been sold or received higher offers than yours.

Our list of Dallas wholesale properties is a wonderful place for budding property investors to begin their careers. The time consuming work has been done and the only remaining thing for you to do is to make the offer and reap the benefits. Become a member for free today by clicking the button below!

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