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Real estate has created more millionaires than any other single investment vehicle in the modern world. The business is the only one that can allow you to generate $10,000, $20,000, or even $30,000 in revenue in your first month alone and in each month thereafter.

The Dallas real estate market is one of the best markets for investing. Dallas properties are still undervalued in comparison to the average household income, and the growing population of the DFW Metroplex will cause home values to increase continually over the next years.

Investment properties are properties that are selling at prices below market value in “as is” condition. In some cases, these homes need only a few cosmetic repairs. On these types of properties, you can potentially earn over $15,000 within two to six months by simply adding new paint and new carpet.

Sometimes all it takes to get started with investment property is finding that one deal that is right for you. As you become more acquainted with the market, it will become easier each time you buy a new house. Keep adding to your portfolio and watch in amazement as your net worth increases.

The ways in which you can make money from investment properties vary widely:

1) The first way to profit has been gaining notoriety and acclaim among the public as the result of popular television shows like “Flip this House” and “Extreme Home Makeover”. In this method, investors buy investment properties, make repairs and cosmetic improvements, and resell them for a substantial profit. This is called rehabbing.

2) The second method involves the purchase of a Dallas residential investment property for use as a rental property and long term cash flow property. This is excellent for building long-term wealth.

Other methods include wholesaling, buying Subject 2, and owner financing.

Combining different methods to best achieve your goals is the way to go about investing in Dallas real estate.

But pursuing Dallas property investments using newspaper classifieds, MLS listings, and foreclosure auctions is becoming more competitive. This means you need to have an edge in order to remain atop the growing market.

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If your intention is buying investment properties for resale, it is most important to resell quickly. Selling quickly is quite possible if you can manage to get the rehab work done on time and have the home back on the market immediately after that. The shorter time you have to pay for carrying costs, the greater your potential profit will be.

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