Central Texas Investors Turn to Austin and San Antonio Wholesale Properties

Competitive investing environment causes investors to find new ways to profit.

Buying properties at wholesale prices from other investors is a trend becoming more common these days. A lot of investors have overextended themselves in the boom years and need to cut back their portfolios to weather the downturn upon us.

This presents a great opportunity for an investor sitting on some cash and wanting to pick up some properties for far below market value. After the purchase you could resell the property at full market value or rent it out for a few years and let it appreciate while getting a check every month.

More and more investors are turning to this type of wholesale property transaction. It's actually a very beneficial transaction for both the buyer and seller. In most cases you are dealing with another investor just like yourself. If you are the one selling the property, looking for another investor to purchase it usually means you'll find a buyer who knows how to get cash pretty quickly, and knows exactly what to look for when checking out a property, to ensure the deal goes through.

If you were to try and sell to someone outside of the investing world, your deal might get bogged down while they apply for financing, hire inspectors, get turned down for said financing, apply to another lender, and on it goes. Meanwhile you're still stuck with this property.

From the buyer's perspective, Central Texas wholesale properties are a smart choice because you can pick up a great property at a great price without much effort. Likely, since the home is owned by another investor, they probably did all the necessary due diligence required before they bought it. In the worst case scenario, they would at least be able to tell you what needs to be done to the home to make it saleable.

The only real problem with Austin and San Antonio wholesale property is finding it. Most investors rely on their own network of other investors to find willing buyers and tend not to advertise these deals in the local paper. MyHouseDeals.com however, is the largest collection of wholesale property deals in Central Texas.

Our website is updated everyday with the latest listings from investors wanting to sell their properties quickly and at huge discounts. We provide all the information you're likely to need to determine if a particular property fits your investment criteria. Of course things like asking price, potential full market value, and estimated repair costs, but we even give you the seller's contact information. If you have questions about the property, give them a call direct.

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