New Central Texas Investment Property Solutions

Knowing the most profitable types of investment property can give you a leg up.

If you are thinking about jumping into the Central Texas investment property world, congratulations. You've just made a decision that, with some hard work and know-how could secure your financial future. Half the battle is finding the best investments and you should know you've found the perfect place for that.

One way to create your real estate riches is to buy properties, fix them up, and resell them. This is probably the process with the least amount of headaches because you don't have to deal with renters. On the other hand it can severely limit your upside in that you don't get to experience any appreciation of the property.

You could buy Central Texas income property to hold and rent out for a few years or several. A lot of your decision about how long to hold the property will depend on what the market is doing, and how consistent your tenants are. You may know though that rentals are not without their headaches and there are some bad apple tenants out there.

One thing to consider too is the type of properties you are buying and the amount of competition there is for them. For example if you are investing in Austin and San Antonio foreclosures, you are going up against many other investors who want to buy the same properties as you do. This causes prices to rise dramatically and shrinks your profits.

There are some alternative Central Texas property investments. Our website features two types of properties that few investors know about, and the ones who do know about them have a hard time finding them. These are wholesale properties and pre-foreclosures.

Wholesale properties are those homes being sold by other investors. If you've been investing for even just a short time, you know that sometimes you purchase a property and soon decide you'd rather not invest the time in fixing it up. Or maybe you want to use the cash for another property. This happens to lots of investors and in this case, the easy solution is to wholesale it to another investor.

Pre-foreclosures are homes that are on their way to being on the foreclosure list but aren't quite there yet. The owners look for an investor like you to buy the home and keep them out of potential financial disaster.

So why aren't more investors chasing after wholesale properties and pre foreclosures? The most likely answer is that they consider them too hard to find. They are usually not listed in the local paper or the MLS.

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