The End of Central Texas HUD Homes Investing

Why smart investors are turning to wholesale properties and pre-foreclosures in Central Texas.

For years investors all over the country have made great livings investing in HUD homes. And who could blame them. HUD homes used to be one of the easiest types of investment property to profit from.

That is, until the word got out and people without a clue what they were doing flocked to the real estate investing scene and drove up the prices of HUD homes and similar investments. Yes, it's too bad, but you and I both knew it wouldn't last forever anyway.

So where does that leave you now? Hopefully you are either looking for or have already found the perfect replacement for HUD foreclosures in your portfolio. If you are still wondering what 'that' is exactly, let me tell you a little bit about wholesale properties and pre-foreclosures.

Wholesale properties are those homes owned by investors who do not have the time and/or resources to invest in fixing up a home to get it back to full market value and ready for sale. These investors look for other investors such as yourself to take over these potentially profitable deals for them.

Pre-foreclosures, also known as motivated seller properties, are homes that have not quite reached the foreclosure stage, but are dangerously close. The number of the homes like these in Austin and San Antonio are on the rise. If you can find an owner in need of an easy out, you can get a great deal.

So now you know the alternatives to HUD properties, but wholesale and pre-foreclosure properties are not as easy to find as HUD listings. But, this is why they are such a great investment for those who can find them. is the best place to find alternatives to Central Texas HUD listings. Our site is essentially a database of wholesale and seller motivated properties. Because we limit access to members only, not many other investors will be chasing after the same deals as you and driving prices through the roof.

Inside you'll find all the information you need to evaluate and lock-in a great deal on a Central Texas property. Financial details of the transaction, information on the surrounding area, even the owner's contact information are all there. We've collected all this information for you so that you can focus on the deal and not the legwork.

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