The Secret to Finding Atlanta Wholesale Properties

Have you ever wondered how it is that people make the real dollars on the real estate market? The answer is that they utilize the same slogan used in every sector of the business world: buy low and sell high. But with the number of "bargain" properties that seem to be everywhere, how can you know where to find the places where low actually means low?

The answer is to buy from a wholesaler! Hundreds of uninformed investors devote hours of their time chasing down HUD and foreclosure listings. These companies and banks promise "rock bottom" pricing on properties all over the country. Investors see these deals and are drawn to them as they think about the potential resale value of these homes. What they don't realize, however, is that these deals are not all they're cracked up to be.

There are two problems with these listings. First, there is the question of incentives. If a bank has just had to go through the whole process of foreclosing on a home, how willing do you think it will be to take a loss on the property? While the fashionable thing to do is shop foreclosures, banks are aware of this trend and will make the price of the home as close to market value as possible. Second, since these properties still do provide a little equity for the investor, they would be worth looking into. The problem with this is that everyone is doing the same thing, making the best properties terribly over-shopped.

Wholesalers, on the other hand, are not looking to recoup losses by stubbornly being firm at near market value prices. It's all a bonus for them. Wholesale deals are brokered by experienced real estate investors who have made a career out of locating homes that are in need of repair but possess a great potential for profit for the rehabber willing to put the time and the money into effecting these repairs. Once they have located the properties, they get them under contract to buy then turn around and assign that contract to the final investor that will go on to purchase and re-sell the property. Wholesalers do this for a small profit. An investor will then purchase the property, make any changes he feels are necessary, and place the rehabbed property back on the market for a selling price much higher than what he paid for.

The true beauty of wholesale properties lies in the fact that these listings are not available to the general public, so there is little competition to drive the prices up. So how can you find out about these great deals? This is where we come in! Before we founded our website, investors would have to spend a great deal of time and effort locating a wholesaler, establishing themselves as a reputable professional, then checking in with them weekly to find new property listings. We have cut all of these steps out, finding many of Atlanta's finest wholesalers, compiling a comprehensive list of their properties and making them available to our members any time, day or night. By carefully monitoring our listings you too can use the methods of the pros and purchase properties anywhere in the Atlanta area for bargain basement prices.

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