The Methods Professionals use to Make a Huge Profit From Rental Investment Properties in Atlanta.

Buying and rehabbing a home for its potential resale value is a fantastic method to make a great deal of money off of a short term investment, but for people looking for a long term source of income this is often not their path of choice. These investors often turn their attention to the huge demands for housing in the city of Atlanta and put their time and money into establishing rental properties.

Rental properties offer a great deal of potential for the savvy investor. Atlanta is a growing city with increasing demand for housing. And with the amount of people who can no longer afford to own a house, it makes a great deal of sense for an investor to buy properties, make any necessary repairs, and then rent them out to an individuals and families looking for a place to live.

There are a few things to consider when purchasing a rental property. For an investor looking to remain in the game for the long term, it makes a great deal of sense to buy a "fixer upper" and take advantage of the lower purchase price. The repairs necessary will raise the property's resale value, and also make it a more attractive place for the ideal tenants to want to live in. If, on the other hand, an investor is looking to purchase a property for a relatively short amount of time, they should take into consideration the amount of money they will need to spend for rehabbing and act accordingly. A rental property owner can claim any repairs on their annual taxes, and, should anything be replaced that cannot be claimed, it will simply be added on to the home's resale value.

Once the investor has a fairly good idea of what they are looking for it is time to begin pouring over the lists to find the best bargain possible. There are many ways to do this. However, it is important to keep in mind that when dealing with a corporate lender (i.e. a bank) the prices are often going to be higher than they would if the property was purchased from a private owner. This is why the experienced professionals buy their properties not from a foreclosure, HUD, or REO listing but from a wholesaler or a motivated seller.

Wholesale deals and motivated seller leads are privately listed properties, and therefore not subject to a great deal of competition driving the prices up. Wholesalers are experienced real estate professionals who make it their business to locate bargain properties, get them under contract and assign those contracts to other investors willing to rehabilitate them. Motivated sellers are homeowners who are facing foreclosure. The owners are usually in a great hurry to sell the properties, giving the investor clever enough to find these properties an opportunity to purchase them well below market value.

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