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The prospect of legitimately making a huge profit with very little effort on the real estate market is a goal many beginners aspire to but do not know how to reach. Money for nothing? It sounds too good to be true and usually is. The truth is, to make money in any field, hard work is required. The secret at MyHouseDeals.com is that the hard work does not necessarily have do be done by you!

The first thing a novice investor needs to do is decide what type of real estate they want to invest in. The possibilities are endless, but some are more user friendly than others. Juggling commercial properties is a difficult proposition, and is generally not recommended for beginners. It is usually more feasible for investors to begin by looking to the market of residential living. There is still significant gain to be made in residential property, particularly in a large city like Atlanta where the population exceeds the amount of decent, affordable housing.

When turning a profit from an urban or suburban residence, investors have two major choices. First, they can purchase a property and make it into a rental space or rehab the property and resell. Purchasing a rental property can be a tricky undertaking. When selecting a rental property the investor must first consider exactly what its purpose will be. Will it be a single or a multi-family property? Is it intended to be a furnished apartment for the busy executive or an empty house for a family to make into a home? When these questions have been considered, investors will know not only what type of property they are looking for but where in the city they should look to purchase it in order to obtain the best return in rents.

Also, the condition of the building itself when purchasing a rental property must also be considered. When owning a rental property the investor is expected to be responsible for all maintenance and repair. This is easily overcome, because repairs can be deducted from the owner's taxes at the end of the year, and replacements will simply be added onto the resale value of the property.

Purchasing a home with the intent of rehabbing it is often simpler for the new investor. This is done by purchasing a property in need of repairs, and making cost effective improvements to the house to place it back on the market for an overall profit. This technique offers an almost limitless profit potential, and can result in equity gains of six figures or more, depending on the area of the city the building is located in.

There are several ways to obtain these properties at the low prices required to make significant gains upon the property's resale. One option is to purchase the house from a foreclosure listing or a HUD agency. While these tactics have been increasing in popularity, a novice investor will normally lack some of the knowledge needed to get a home at the lowest price from the corporate sellers controlling these properties.

It may be more beneficial to look to wholesalers, who make it their business to find bargain properties and get them under contracts they can later assign to other investors, or to motivated sellers - whose properties are marked for foreclosure and need to be sold quickly. Motivated seller leads can be an excellent choice because the sellers are usually looking to rid themselves of the property as quickly as possible, and therefore are likely to take the first respectable offer.

So where would you find these deals? Unlike foreclosure and HUD listings, these are not readily available on the web. There is only one stop for this information, at MyHouseDeals.com. As a member of MyHouseDeals.com, we'll keep you updated about new properties in your area daily, and each new house added to the list comes with full descriptions, value and repair estimates, and full contact information for the seller. That's right. We do all of the leg work for you, so all you have to do is focus on establishing and expanding your business. Become a member for free today by clicking the button below!

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