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Everyone wants to find a way to make bigger profits. As a real estate investor, you specialize in turning dilapidated ugly houses into eye-catching properties. We can help you put your business in overdrive by giving you access to the best under-the-radar real estate investing deals in Atlanta.

Often when investors first start out in the real estate business they turn to HUD homes to make a purchase. HUD homes are houses that were purchased with an FHA-insured mortgage, foreclosed upon, and are now owned by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. HUD turns around and resells these houses at a price below market value in an attempt to recoup their investment. This may seem like an excellent chance for Atlanta real estate investors to capitalize on. However, HUD homes may not be as advantageous for house investors as they would like you to believe.

HUD is first and foremost a housing development company. That means that for them it often comes down to the bottom line. They want to know how much of their investment they think they can get back out of your pocket. This means that purchase prices will often be higher on these properties than investors looking to turn a large profit from rehabbing and reselling are looking to spend. In addition, all sales must be made through a HUD-registered Atlanta real estate broker. Since HUD will pay their commission at the time a sale is made, these brokers are going to be looking at properties with an eye on their potential earnings, and not with your best interest in mind.

Furthermore, available HUD properties can be found on the net where anyone with initiative can find them. This means that there is a limitless number of potential consumers competing for every HUD bargain available in Atlanta. To make matters even more difficult for investors, HUD gives top priority to those looking to buy a home to establish it as a primary residence. Any other potential buyers are unable to place a bid on a house until after a waiting period has elapsed. During that waiting period, all the true deals will probably be snatched up by first-time homebuyers who got in early. This is fantastic for them, but bad news for you, the investor.

For these reasons, it is very fortunate that there are many other opportunities available aside from HUD for the real estate enthusiast. Wholesalers rank as one of the best providers of cheap houses in the country. These are investors who devote their time to finding a house, getting it under contract to buy, then selling the property "as is" at a cost slightly higher than that which they paid. This allows them to make a small profit while providing the serious investor with the opportunity to rehab the home and turn a much larger one, what we call flipping houses.

Working with wholesalers by yourself can be time consuming. Unlike HUD properties, their listings are not easily accessible, and require a great amount of effort on the part of the investor to locate reputable wholesalers, establish themselves as serious buyers and then check in week after week to check new listings and look for ideal properties to purchase.

This is where we come in. We've contacted many of the finest wholesalers in Atlanta and made their listings available to our members on our website. As a free member of myHouseDeals.com, you'll access the secret list of the best cheap houses for sale in Atlanta from the comfort of your home without having to endure the hassle of locating and keeping in touch with the individual wholesalers.

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