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SFH near Andrews AFB

Suitland Area Investment Property

Property Information

Status: Sold or NLA They go fast!
Lead Type: Wholesale Deal
Property Type: Single Family House
Bedrooms: 2
Baths: 2

Property Location

Market: Washington DC
Street Address: 6600 Poplar
City: Suitland
State: Maryland
Zip Code: 20746
Part Of Town: Suitland

The Numbers

This information is provided by the seller. All figures, including Estimated After Repair Value (ARV) and Estimated Cost of Repairs, are estimates. Please do your own due diligence.
Est. After Repair Value (ARV): $140,000
minus Seller's Asking Price: $60,000
minus Estimated Cost of Repairs: $40,000
equals Profit Potential of: $40,000
How to Fund Your Purchase: Funding Options
How to Access Property: Make an appointment
How Seller Determined ARV: ARV based on comps as of October 2012.
Seller Flexible on Price? Yes

Seller Information

Seller Name: Jackie Mann
Contact Phone: Property is no longer available.
Contact Email: Property is no longer available.

Seller's Comments

About Property

Good rental property if you only want to do light fixup. Newer furnace. Good starter home for young family, but basement could be converted into 3rd bedroom if desired. Off-street parking.

About Repairs

Kitchen and baths need updating. A hole in the drywall downstairs.


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