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Investors, want to sell your wholesale deal fast? Post your property on MyHouseDeals for FREE!

Investors searching for a deal will see your property 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Post, sell, collect your profit, and move on the next deal.

Use the form below to post a property for sale. Your deal will be listed under the "Property List" tab on MyHouseDeals and will likely be sold in just a few days if the price is right! Please do not use all caps when typing. Thank you :)

Note: You must own the property or have it under contract in order to post it.

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Be prepared to provide proof of your ARV. To determine the ARV, use documented comparable sales (otherwise known as comps) to determine value. When pulling comps, use nearby sold properties from the last six months with similar square footage and other specifications. Use sold properties as comps, not active listings.

Please be specific. Include items such as the street addresses and sales prices of comps.

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Use Zillow’s ARV estimate to help you set the ARV for your property and how much it's worth. Keep in mind, Zestimates aren't always accurate, but if your number is significantly higher or lower than Zillow’s estimate, consider reevaluating the ARV, or explaining how you arrived at your ARV and what comparable properties helped you arrive at your estimate.

When determining repair estimates, make sure to include materials AND labor needed for the repairs.

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If your property is Active on the MLS, the asking price on our site must be at least $3,000 less than the asking price on the MLS. Remember, you must have the property under contract.

Upload any supporting documents for this property. Consider sharing documents such as comparable sold properties (comps), competitive market analysis (CMA), and repair estimate details to give buyers more information your deal. You can include up to 4 PDF files.

File type allowed is PDF

You can upload up to 4 documents

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Enter an informative headline that will capture potential buyers' attention. Consider calling out what is unique or desirable about the property.

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Choose up to 5 tags below to provide additional details about your property to investors. Make sure to choose the most relevant and interesting tags that apply to your deal.

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Most investors only look at properties with photos, so make sure to post pictures that show an accurate representation of the property. You can also upload a video touring the property.

Properties with pictures sell up to twice as fast as those without. The first photo uploaded will be the cover photo and the only one both free AND premium members can view, so make it your best one.

File types allowed are JPEG, PNG, GIF, AVI, WMV, MP4

You can upload up to 20 photos and 1 video

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If you've already posted a video of this property on YouTube, please share the URL where the video can be viewed. This is a great way to make your deal stand out.

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Preferred Email Blast Service

Posting your deals on MyHouseDeals is always free. If you’re working with an especially tight deadline or are looking to get up to $5,000 more for your deal, super-charge your posting by sending one email that contains JUST YOUR PROPERTY.

The email will go out to all 31 members in unknown and puts your property front and center, so you should be prepared to receive a flood of inquiries (depending on the deal) within a day or two. Your cost is only $197.

Scott Rister

Here's a comment from Scott Rister, author of Find All The Motivated Sellers You Can Handle! and Instant Cash Wholesaling Houses!:

"In the last month I've listed three houses on to sell and within a day I had a contract on each of these. If you truly have a bona-fide deal and put it out on using this e-mail blast service then you can count it good as sold. I've taught investors for almost 10 years how to wholesale properties, but this source is truly astounding."

Scott Rister

And another comment from Joel Hill, an investor who recently used this email blast service:

"Good grief. The next time I do this email blast I am going to have to block off the whole day to take calls. That is crazy. They [the properties] are both under contract. Worked like a charm. Great resource."

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