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Steven Shared Exactly How to Fund Your Next Deal: Hard Money Lending v. Crowdfunding

“Let fear guide you!”

Steven knows that fear stands in the way of success when real estate investors are just getting started, especially when it comes to funding a deal. Fear makes you a smart investor, but you need to make it work for you.

This week we hosted a Facebook LIVE Ask Me Anything session with Steven Kaufman, a hard money lending expert and an active real estate investor. With more than a decade’s worth of experience in the lending space, Steven operates a long-term lending platform as well as a real estate crowdfunding platform.

Steven knows exactly how smart investors should fund their deals and shared the no-brainer lending platform that most investors don’t even know about…

During this Facebook LIVE training Steven answered all of our questions and covered a LOT of ground for those who are looking to fund their next deal and successfully grow their real estate investing business.

Did you miss it?

No worries… You can view it here.

Watch our talk with Steven and learn…

Steven discusses the benefits of crowdfunding for the borrower AND the lender… And no, it’s not too good to be true. Steven breaks down the numbers and shares examples that will make a your next funding decision easy.

Below, we’ve included some of the main topics and Steven’s video, so you can skip to the parts you’re most interested in learning about…

What is hard money lending? [1:37]

What is crowdfunding? [2:15]

The 4 reasons why you should use crowd funding and hard money [3:30]

Difference between hard money and crowd funding [10:00]

How hard money loans work for buy and holds [20:35]

The evolution of crowdfunding [26:05]

Hard money loan restrictions [30:15]

The most important document for securing a home [32:13]

Future market trends [34:26]

The future of crowdfunding [45:40]

The terms, time frames, and interest rates with hard money and crowdfunding lending [48:20]

Why some people choose hard money over crowdfunding [51:40]

Final advice for new investors [1:15:00]

If there’s ONE thing you take away from Steven’s expert knowledge and advice, it this: Work with a lending platform that you trust.

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