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Getting Started in Real Estate Webinar Replay

As many of you know, last week we hosted a special webinar with Jack Mize entitled “Getting Started – Real Strategies to Replace Your Job with Real Estate Even if You Have Little to No Money or Credit.”

During the webinar Jack discussed wholesaling, what we believe to be the perfect strategy for beginning investors, and all the important details you should know to begin wholesaling immediately. Content included

– How to remove (real and perceived) obstacles to enable your success
– How to leverage your strengths and identify your weaknesses
– The importance of the two D’s – Dreams and Drive
– How to find the best players for your real estate investing team
– How to find DEALS
– How to find BUYERS
– How to CLOSE the deal

The webinar was a huge success and for a week now we’ve received requests for a replay from folks who missed it and others who simply must watch it again (they couldn’t take all the notes they wanted the first time around.) So here it is, the webinar replay! Just click the play button below to watch it…

[flv: 480 240]


— Doug

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