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Finding Real Estate Investment Clubs near You

If you are a newcomer to an area, or even a longtime local residing in the same place, there are always new ways to meet people, and not just anyone, but a real estate investor like you! Options may seem limited to social media groups and online chat forums in such a digital world, but there are a wide variety of real estate investment clubs close to you that can go a long way for your success. The key: finding those groups and connecting with them the right way. Read along to hear about where to find clubs made for you, the best real estate investor networking strategies, and the abundance of benefits to come. Let your quest for a real estate investment club start here!

Searching in the Right Places

In any journey, a great starting point is: where? To find the right fit for you, where to look matters more than you would think! Now, it won’t be as simple as seeing a group to join from a flyer on the street or within a handout at your local community center. The best place to go searching for real estate investor associations fit to your desires is right here at your fingertips: the internet. Tapping into a browser of your choosing, start by listing the geographic area you’re eager upon joining, and use common terms like real estate investor club or real estate investing association to bring up a list of results. More simple than that, look into this local resource to speed up the process and highlight your specific needs.

However, if you reside in an area with few real estate investment clubs present online, visiting your local Chamber of Commerce or crowdfunding can assist your aspirations to #CreateYourFreedom. Upon joining a new group, the next key step is connecting and forming bonds with people that could accelerate your long-term success.

Connecting with Other Investors

The true reason why many new and experienced real estate investors join real estate clubs, big and small, near and far is so that they can expand their support network and form new connections with prospective lenders, mentors, or anything else in between. It’s important for you to note that without a network of people in the industry or real estate veteran-level expertise, the less help you will have on possibly daunting projects and plans standing in your way. Promoted throughout our MyHouseDeals site and social media pages, we note how collaboration with real estate professionals and peers is key to taking your goals to the next level. Once you establish that original connection, there are vital tips to progressing that professional relationship in the best way possible. Here are a few we wanted to share with you.

Everybody Wins!

By sticking with this plan of locating, joining, and networking within your real estate investor club, association, or group, the long-term benefits greatly outweigh the work you put in to get there. Mastering this process can bring you to the promised land of financial freedom and increased prosperity, as the leaders of the industry have noted skilled real estate investing has almost tripled the acceleration of their wealth than other forms of investing.

Everything you learn from real estate investment clubs is essentially free knowledge, crafting the approach you want to take with no cost! The layer within that features the partnerships we discussed and bonds that can be applied to a variety of avenues in real estate, increasing your presence, but more importantly, expanding your skills. Not just even your personal growth will blossom, but the people you choose to collaborate with learn from the experience they share with you, possibly even extending the partnership to new heights. For everyone, real estate investing club connections are a win-win!


For now, stay on the search for real estate investment clubs that might fit for you and we hope that the pointers we provide assist your quest. It might take a little while to land on the right one and start budding new investor networks, but staying up-to-date on our webpage and social media platforms will just ramp that up!

Every month, we publish a compilation of real estate investor association (REIA) meetings in cities across the country on our blog. A Premium MyHouseDeals membership only amplifies your ability to form relationships by offering ample networking opportunities with a growing community that adds thousands of new investors each and every week. Keep in mind that you should always be yourself in forming new partnerships and spotlight what you are looking for out of a real estate relationship. Forming your web of the right people will raise your success potential greatly. For more networking assistance as you progress, become a member of the MyHouseDeals tribe and, as always, happy, and profitable, investing!

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