Chris Shared Exactly How to Prepare for the 2017 Market: Learn When to Invest

“Investing in real estate is always a good thing. It’s always a good time to be buying real estate.”

Spoken like a true investor, Chris Adkins is committed to his success in real estate investing. He follows the market closely and knows exactly how to act, depending on the state on the market.

This week we hosted a Facebook LIVE training session with Chris, a seasoned investment advisor and an active real estate investor. In the past six years, he’s done about 200 deals! Chris has a keen understanding of sub-markets within the greater real estate investing market and he specializes in renovation estimating and project analysis.

He shared predictions and market trends for the 2017 Real Estate Investing Market. Chris discusses the impact of a new administration and his best advice for those investing in the next year.

During this Facebook LIVE training Chris covered a LOT of ground for those who are looking to successfully grow their real estate investing business.

Did you miss it?

No worries… You can view it here.

Watch our talk with Chris and learn…

Chris discusses when the market will peak this year and when we can expect to see the impact of a changing market. He offers knowledge and advice that will give you the confidence to grow your real estate investing business in 2017.

Below, we’ve included some of the main topics, questions, and answers from Chris’s video, so you can skip to the parts you’re most interested in learning about…

Chris’s background in real estate investing [1:19]

The Commercial Market [3:35]

Adjusting Interest Rates [9:03]

The Impact the of the New Administration [12:00]

Inventory will rise [13:35]

What is does Inventory available mean? [14:01]

Opportunities for Investors at price points below 500K [16:43]

Investors need to be more aggressive in buying at a discount [18:20]

Be more conservative!! [18:28]

The luxury home market will decline [18:55]

The market for 250K and below homes will remain strong [19:43]

The government is investing heavily in mortgage back securities [21:16]

Be more conservative in your deal numbers [22:20]

The 200K and below market will remain strong [22:40]

Should investors buy and hold will upcoming changes? [24:07]

The 250K market and above will turn [25:30]

What can investors do to take advantage when prices start to go down [27:28]

For Subject-to’s, is the due-on-sale clause a big concern? [30:31]

The increase in technology in the market and how that impacts the market [30:38]

How a market turn impacts investors worldwide [37:40]

The Single Family house Market [42:00]

Final Advice for Investors [48:22]

If there is ONE thing you take away from Chris’s expert knowledge and advice, it’s this: Always be conservative. So remember that as you embark on your 2017 investing adventures!

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