Rocky, Rocky, Rocky!

Hello again folks. We’ll have to pick up on the buy/fix/sell steps next week because I just can’t help but share pictures of my new addition with you. Everyone please say hello to Rocky! (You can see his pictures below.) Rocky is a tiny french bulldog that I bought a couple of weeks ago from a breeder in Utah. His name is Rocky because of his black eye and his “get what he wants” attitude.

Rocky has many hobbies, but he mostly enjoys peeing in the hallway, pooping in the kitchen, and chewing on my shoes. His other favorite activities include eating poisonous plants and black mushrooms when I’m not looking. Lovely.

Rocky also enjoys putting his flat nose into ant beds to see how many of them can crawl onto his face before I rescue him. Putting frogs into his mouth is also entertaining. He also has fun playing with, no scratch that, CHASING other dogs, especially the ones that are about 10 times his size. (He’s a very confident dog.)

Some of his recent accomplishments include learning how to sit. It only took 15 minutes of training. I’m such a proud daddy! He most looks forward to doggie school, which starts on Tuesday. Once he understands the basics from doggie school, he plans to become a member of He’ll start with wholesaling and work his way up to rehabbing.

So what does this mean for you? You better get your 30-day free trial to before Rocky starts gobbling up all of the deals! Go to to start today.

Happy (and profitable) investing!

Doug and Rocky

P.S. Click on any of the images below to view larger versions of these pictures…

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