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It happened eight years ago…

This week, we’re happy to celebrate eight years from when I first had the idea for! That was December of 2004 and not long afterwards, went live and became a reality. The rest, as they say, is history!

The idea popped into my head when I was driving along the highway thinking about my real estate business.

I thought, “I’m frustrated with looking for deals in so many different places. There should be one place where wholesalers can post their deals and rehabbers and landlords can buy them. No one else has built it, so maybe I should!”

A few days later, I started creating the website and after a few months, it went live. At first, the site was just for Houston investors and it had just a few deals and a few members. But it grew exponentially over time.

Now we’re in sixteen major cities and we provide info on wholesale deals AND motivated seller leads. Plus, we offer access to private lenders, cash buyers, vendors, and all sorts of other tools and resources for thriving as a new or experienced investor.

But our main focus is still deals. To date, we’ve provided information on over 65,000 deals and motivated seller leads with over $4 billion in equity! We hope you’ve been able to grab a piece of that pie!

We’ll keep those deals coming over the next few months and years, and we and wish you continued success (and profits) in your real estate endeavors!

Happy investing!

Doug Smith and the Team

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