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Death Plunge!

I met up with my twin brother and his wife at a water park in Central Texas last weekend. All was going well until I ALMOST DIED! Check out the video below. I’m on the left. Trent’s on the right. We weren’t even phased by our near-death experience … Yeah Right! We were screaming like little girls!

Seriously, I don’t recommend that you do this. Even though it’s supposed to be safe, I don’t think it really is. There was only 1 cable on each side holding us up. And minimum wage employees strapped us in. Next time, I need about 20 cables on each side and 5 engineers securing me in the harness. But maybe I’m just overly concerned with living!

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But something good did come out of this. When I got back into town, I decided to celebrate life. And what better way to celebrate than by offering the Vault at a 36% discount. I call it the Internet Special. Read more and order before it’s too late at

See you there!

Doug Smith

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