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Bobby Lee from Mad TV Comes to Town!

Hello again!

Bobby Lee recently came to town to do stand-up comedy. And since I’m a super fan, my friends and I were first in line and first to grab seats on the front row!

(Insider Tip: Don’t do what we did. Never get on the front row at a comedy club. Do it once, and you’ll find out why. They’ll pull you into the show at every possible moment … and not in a good way!)

If you don’t know Bobby, here’s a link to Bobby Lee’s Wikipedia Page. And here’s a link to a Funny Skit Bobby Did on Mad TV. And here were some pics I took the other night. Enjoy!…

Bobby gives a big HELLLOOO to the crowd
He spots me with the camera, setting me up to get picked on for the rest of the show. But it was all in good fun!
He runs around the room for 5 minutes and then passes out on the stool. He's pretty high energy if you can't tell.
And now for Bobby's favorite part of the show! He strips down to his underwear and jumps on random guys from the audience.

Hope you enjoyed! It’s back to rounding up those deals for us!

Until next time, happy (and profitable) investing!

Doug Smith
Founder of

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