After a Stock Market Stumble, Kris Found Success as a Real Estate Investor

An investor’s nightmare became Kris’ reality when he lost money in the Stock Market. Seeking an alternative to reach his financial goals, Kris dove into real estate investing books, articles, and seminars. He decided that real estate was the most reliable path to a thriving investment portfolio. Determined to succeed, Kris just found his first real estate deal on MyHouseDeals.

Kris is a stickler for doing his due diligence and getting 2nd or 3rd opinions on property repairs and values. His current strategy is to buy and rent properties, benefiting from monthly positive cash flow.

He uses his MyHouseDeals membership to find deals. He also uses it to network with private lenders and appreciates how MyHouseDeals cuts out the middle man when it comes time to pursue a deal.

We sat with him to learn more about this deal and his journey as a real estate investor. Head over to our success stories section to hear the full interview:

Listen to the interview or read it below and learn…

– How to shop for contractors
– What to do when you make an investing mistake
– How to determine the ARV (after repair value) for a property Success Stories

NOTE: Since Kris is a Premium Elite member, he received a FULL refund of his upfront membership fee for simply doing a deal! Find out more about our Premium Elite membership here.

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