Find a Better Investing Option Than Oklahoma Real Estate Owned Homes

Wholesale and pre-foreclosure deals earning investors better returns than REOs

Even though there are so many Oklahoma City REO properties on the market, perhaps more than anytime in history, they are still not very good investments. You may have had good luck with them the last few years, but now they are average investments at best.

The problem with Oklahoma City and Tulsa bank repos is that so many investors are trying to purchase them. Too many wannabe investors have flooded the market and bid prices up on these homes. You'd have to be crazy to think that you will be successful and continue to make huge profits while buying REOs for such high prices.

It's time to stop the madness and focus on what you can do to remain profitable in a shifting real estate investing environment. Your first step should be to forget about Oklahoma REOs and put your time and energy into finding pre-foreclosures and wholesale property deals.

Both pre-foreclosures and wholesale properties are tougher to find than bank owned homes, but this is part of what makes them so much more valuable. You won't have to compete with every other investor in the state of Oklahoma to make a buck.

Investors just like you sell properties to other investors all the time. You just don't hear much about it because these deals are usually not advertised in the local paper. Investors rely on word of mouth and their network of contacts to put these deals together. Many are turning to sites like to act as a listing resource for wholesale properties they have for sale.

Owners of homes who are behind on their payments often are just looking for investors to jump in and save them from foreclosure. Again, these are hard to find because these owners are not likely to advertise their bad situation to the world. But again, many are turning to to bring qualified investors in to save them from foreclosure.

There is no other site quite like in the state of Oklahoma. We've got investors covered with all the information they need to find pre-foreclosures and wholesale property deals, as well as information they need to fully check out each property listed to find those that best fit in their portfolio.

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