Rental Properties in New York

Are you curious about rental properties in New York but don’t know much about locating and buying them? Do you think they sound like a sound investment, but aren’t really sure? Read on for answers to your frequently asked questions.

Why should I buy rental properties?

For the person looking to get into real estate investing, rental properties are an excellent choice. Rental properties offer a consistent monthly income. Think about it—your tenant pays you rent every month and you turn around and pay the mortgage on the rental property, with a little left over. The more rental properties you have, the more income you’ll have.

Why is buying rental property a better option than rehabbing houses?

Most real estate experts agree that it is best to diversify your holdings. This means you might want to start out by buying bargain properties, fixing them up, and then reselling—commonly called rehabbing or flipping. But a rental property offers a consistent income stream without the hassle of constantly overseeing remodeling and repair projects. For people who have other jobs, or simply aren’t interested in the work that flipping requires, buying rental properties is an excellent idea.

Are rental properties a good long term investment?

Rental properties are among the best long term investments when it comes to real estate. Some experts consider buying multiple rental properties as a pension fund. As you pay off your rental property mortgages over the years, there will come a time when the loan is paid off and all that remains is the monthly income from your tenants. This is the best kind of retirement to look forward to.

What should I consider when choosing a rental property?

While it is very important to get a rental property at a good price, it is also vital to look at the neighborhood and the surrounding locations. Is it an up and coming neighborhood or is it going downhill? Are the schools good? Are there shopping areas and restaurants and churches nearby? All these are important considerations.

Are rental properties a safe investment?

Yes, as long as you consider the neighborhood and don’t overpay for your rental property.

What are wholesale rental properties?

Wholesale rental properties are properties that have been put on the market by other real estate investors. They are often excellent investment opportunities.

Where do I find rental properties?

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Which listing service is the best?

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How do I get started with buying rental properties?

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