New York HUD Homes Overrated

Are you tired of spending your days searching through listsand newspaper classifieds advertising foreclosures and HUD homes? Do you get frustrated at HUD auctions after being outbid by so many other investors? Do you find that it has become increasingly harder to profit from these auctionsor to simply find a HUD house that would allow you to make some money to getmore established in the Real Estate investment business?

HUD homes have become too much of a hassle for real estateinvestors. New York is full of them, and they are overrated.  I hear manystories about investors being unable to place a winning bid, about the delayed closing on these properties, and about how long it takes them to actually profit from these deals. And although they have become impractical in today's investing world HUD homes represent, along with foreclosures, the bulk of properties investors seek out.

This demand for HUDs has driven the average purchase prices up, which means that investors need to make higher offers and outbid more investors. This overexposure of foreclosures and HUDs drove us to concentrate on different types of New York investment properties. We turned our attention to wholesale deals and Motivated Seller Leads. These deals offer even more profit potential than HUD homes, and have proved to offer a much cleaner and swifter closing. Best of all, these properties are way below the radar and do not suffer from the overexposure HUDs do.

In fact, we were so impressed with the quality of wholesale deals and motivated seller leads we were finding, we decided to create The intention was to create a haven for investors that would save them time and money by listing in one place the best, most profitable properties New York has to offer. Because we know how important it is for investors to optimize their time, and we know how much time each investor wastes looking for properties, driving around neighborhoods, and accessing HUD lists and auctions, we decided to save you the trouble and complete the fieldwork for you. Think of us as your personal assistant who works full time to find you profitable properties.

We have organized these properties into two user friendly lists. On the first list you'll find wholesale deals - properties for sale at wholesale price by other investors. These houses are usually in need of some TLC and will bring you big profits once you rehab and resell them. The second list is our antidote to HUD frustration. We call it our Motivated Seller Leads list. These are houses for sale by owner, usually in pre-foreclosure, sometimes facing bankruptcy or divorce, who are looking to sell at deep discounts.

The advantage to finding deals from is that most of them are exclusive to the website. We prefer not to list properties that are active on the MLS. We also do not work with foreclosures or HUD homes, since those are too publicized. We want to provide under the radar properties to our select members, giving you the best chance to secure the deals. Our commitment to finding you better than HUD properties is such that we will deliver new property leads to your computer screen every day, always giving you fresh opportunities to make it big in the business.

We have made the lives of many investors easier and we would like to invite you to try our service. Become a member for free today by clicking the button below and find out which properties you've been missing out on! The best news is that you will be able to use the time you would be spending roaming around looking for properties catching up on the great opportunities you will find here.


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